It takes more to sell an EV than just handing your customer the keys!

ConnectEV will equip your team with the tools and knowledge to sell electric vehicles confidently and seamlessly.

  • ConnectEV’s comprehensive “Everything You Need to Know About EVs” sales training.
  • Access to expert EV advisors who are available to your team for questions and EV charging guidance.
  • Informational EV packets for consumers to refer to during the car shopping process.

4-Step Process in Completing the EV Transaction

Your customer puchases their electric vehicle at your dealership.

Associate discusses required components for EV home charging.

Client scans ConnectEV QR code to schedule their charging installation.

An EV specialist will visit the home, demo the charger and complete the delivery.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

With our team of professionals and our electrical services an easy, frictionless path to the EV sale for your associates.

Being prepared will be paramount to your future success.